My Favorite Ideas for Thanksgiving Centerpiece + My Own Creation

I am supposed to be posting about Color Psychology today but I figured that a post about Thanksgiving day is more appropriate at this time. Inshallah {God Willing}, Color Psychology will resume next week.

Thanksgiving Day is an American holiday that is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It began with the early pilgrims sharing their harvest with the local tribe. Although Thanksgiving Day had its roots in religion, through the years, it became a tradition of family gathering over a special feast and giving thanks. A classic Thanksgiving menu consists of Turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. For more on the history and tradition of Thanksgiving day click here.

For those of you hosting thanksgiving dinner and still looking for centerpiece inspiration, here are my favorites…..

Fall Weddings

As a muslim, recognizing Allah’s blessings and being thankful is a way of life. Allah has challenged us to think about his blessings . Here are a few examples of Allah’s bounties upon us that we tend to take for granted.

Allah says in the Quran……..

“God has brought you out of your mother”s stomachs knowing nothing, then He blessed you with your hearing, your eyesight and your brains, that you may be appreciative.” 16:78

“It is God who designed the night so you can rest in it, and the day lighted. God bestows many blessings on people, but most people are not thankful.” 40:61

“Say, “Have you considered: if Allah should make for you the night continuous until the Day of Resurrection, what deity other than Allah could bring you light? Then will you not hear?” 28:71

“[It is He] who has made for you the earth as a bed [spread out] and inserted therein for you roadways and sent down from the sky, rain and produced thereby categories of various plants.”20:53

“If He willed, He could still the wind, and they would remain motionless on its surface. Indeed in that are signs for everyone patient and grateful.” 42:33

“And He gave you from all you asked of Him. And if you should count the favor of Allah , you could not enumerate them. Indeed, mankind is [generally] most unjust and ungrateful.” 14:34

Unfortunately, one can not truly appreciate the bounty upon him until it is lost or witness the effects of its loss. But why wait? The Prophet (PBUH) taught us to be grateful and say: “O Allah help me to remember You, to thank You and to worship You properly.
As a muslim who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, here is my centerpiece …….with an Islamic flair.
I added an Islamic calligraphy decal of the word “Alhmadulilah” which means “Thank God” to Glade glass candles. Easy peasy centerpiece with character.
Happy Thanksgiving

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