One Creative Collection Of Toss Pillows

Welcome back and happy Monday!

Last week I explained 5 elements to successful fabric mixing; Pattern, Scale, Color, Texture, and Style. Today I will show you how I varied these elements to create a collection of toss pillows for my sister in law’s family room.

First, I analyzed the function of the room which will affect my choice for fabric material. There are two children in the home, so the fabric has to be durable. Then I analyzed the colors in the room: Taupe sofas, sea blue curtain, black entertainment center, wall art  with dominant red and yellow colors, light brown carpet.  The taupe and brown are neutrals so they match everything {I’m ignoring them.} As a result, The color scheme in the family room is blue, red and yellow.

Keeping in mind the functional needs of the family, modern style of the family room, and the fun and outgoing personality of my sister in law, I decided on the following fabrics….

As soon as I found the large print floral fabric {from Robert Allen}, I was able to select the other three fabrics.

 Here they are in the room…


 I love how the pillows bring color and excitement to the room, especially when combined with the colors in the rug.  

In hindsight, I believe that the addition of a contrasting corded trim to the pillows would add a sophisticated look. Also, I would vary the size of the pillow to create a sense of rhythm in the family room. But, nevertheless,  they turned out great for a first try!

  If you are not confident at mixing patterns, you can ease into it by combining a large/medium scale pattern with a fabric that is tone on tone. This fabric looks like a textured solid color. Here is an example:

Bliss Home & Design

 I hope I have inspired you to try your hand at mixing fabric patterns in your home. Sometimes, you need to just give it a try in order to gain some experience. I am still learning myself!

I adore rooms with patterns and admire designers who are able to pull it off!! Next week I will share examples of such rooms. So stay tuned!

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