Personalized Etched Mirror

What do you get when you add calligraphy art { This is my husband’s name drawn in calligraphy style by an artist in Turkey during our visit Years ago}…

…and a mirror?

A mirror etched with calligraphy art…da!

Or, A Personalized Etched Mirror

This is how I did it…

  • I prepared a vinyl stencil of the calligraphy and covered it with transfer tape.
  • Next, to make sure that my art is placed exactly in the center of the mirror, I measured the art’s width and length, then marked the halfway point with painter’s tape. Next, I measured the mirror’s width and length, marked the halfway points, then matched them with the ones on the art. This video from Paper pastime gave me helpful tips on how to do that.

Source: via Lama on Pinterest

  • Once the art was in place, I removed the transfer tape

  • Now comes the fun part…I applied a thick coat of etching cream to the stencil. Important Note: wear gloves and protect the area around you from any spills. This thing burns anything it comes in contact with).

  • After 20 minutes {the instructions say 5 minutes, but I did not want to risk it…just in case 5 minutes would not be enough!}, I washed the etching cream off with water.

Now comes the moment of truth!

There is no turning back cause etching is permanent! Yikes!!

I was nervous, and excited as I was peeling off  the vinyl stencil.

Thank God!!

The mirror turned out perfect!!!

A close up…..

I love it!! Don’t you?

This mirror will be part of a collage of frames at my husband’s office at work . It is my unique twist on the traditional desk nameplate.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this project. Please share in the comments below


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