Really Simple DIY Projects

Welcome back to DIY Friday! I get so excited when I come across simple, elegant and unique projects that I can finish in an hour.  I am assuming you do too! Here are my two choices for easy DIY projects that you can create over this holiday season.

Need an instant piece of art? Why not create one with fabric! I am sure you came across a piece of fabric that you fell in love with but could not get. It might have been too expensive for a large piece of furniture, or the pattern did not fit your décor, or you just did not know how to turn it into a toss pillow. Whatever the reason, You can still enjoy that fabric by displaying it as a piece of art! That’s what Megan did in Honey we’re home.

Wow! So simple!  Imagine the possibilities…

You can also use fabric to update a lampshade! Make sure that the fabric is not dark so that it does not interfere with the function of the light fixture! Sherry shows us in young house love how to transform a simple lamp shade into an impressive piece of accessory that would “brighten” any room. 

What better way to personalize your home than to create your own decor! You can do that with these simple DIY projects. So, what project are you going to tackle this holiday season? Personally, I will still be working on the mudroom,  but I am contemplating a unique stencil idea that would add a final touch of “ME” in that room!

Until Next Time

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