Surprising New Functions For Your Closet

Today, I thought I would try something different for DIY Friday. How about a DIY complete makeover? More specifically, closet makeover! No, I am not talking about simple re-organization. I am talking about a whole new function for your closet.

Have you ever thought about turning your closet into…….

 A Home Office

Love of Family &Home

A Reading Nook

Pretty Handy Girl

A mini mudroom

Shabby Nest

Wow! If you can spare a closet in your home, then these would be excellent ideas to take advantage of that space.

On the other hand…

If you still want to maintain your closet function, but would like to update its look, then why don’t you do what I did with my pantry!

Pantry Transformation

Note: click on the link below each picture for a complete tutorial

Until Next Time~

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