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DIY-Kufi Calligraphy With Paper Mosaics

There are two forms of Islamic art; Calligraphy and mosaics. Early muslims combined geometric shapes in highly sophisticated patterns to form amazingly complicated mosaics (see examples). They also used mosaics to highlight Islamic calligraphy on architecture in breathtaking designs. I have been thinking about learning the art of mosaics for a long time so after this blog post about [...]
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Moroccan Style Bathroom In Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A client in Cape Cod requested a Moroccan style bathroom from designer Kyle Timothy Blood.  To create this amazing retreat, the designer read several books on Morocco to understand the basics of the Moroccan style. In an interview with House Beautiful magazine he said: “Islamic Design is all about one space unfolding into another, but [...]
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The Exciting Art Of Islamic Mosaics

If you love the modern style of decorating because of its use of geometric shapes then you will love this post. In my introductory post about Islamic design I mentioned that there are two notable forms of Islamic art; Calligraphy and the art of mosaics. Today I will share with you some examples of [...]
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