Moroccan Style Bathroom In Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A client in Cape Cod requested a Moroccan style bathroom from designer Kyle Timothy Blood.  To create this amazing retreat, the designer read several books on Morocco to understand the basics of the Moroccan style. In an interview with House Beautiful magazine he said: “Islamic Design is all about one space unfolding into another, but you still want to define each area”. So, he used pattern to define each area and unified the bathroom with color. Take a look…

The balance between colorful geometric patterns and white background makes this bathroom exciting. If you are interested in the details of this design, Kyle Blood explains it all in an interview with Christine Pittel in the March 2013 issue of House Beautiful

 What do you think of this Moroccan bathroom? Would you have one in your home?

I would…….but I am sure all that tile would be too expensive, so I could compromise and just have the medallion over the tub please.  

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