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Moroccan Style Bathroom In Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A client in Cape Cod requested a Moroccan style bathroom from designer Kyle Timothy Blood.  To create this amazing retreat, the designer read several books on Morocco to understand the basics of the Moroccan style. In an interview with House Beautiful magazine he said: “Islamic Design is all about one space unfolding into another, but [...]
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End Table With an Exotic Flare

Thanks to Blog land , I am constantly exposed to endless inspirations that get my creative juices flowing. Before blogging, I would  buy a piece of furniture that best suits my style. After blogging, I transform pieces of furniture into the style that I want. Actually, I am still learning how to do that , but never [...]
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My Front Door Side Windows Etched With Islamic Pattern

When we moved into our current home, I covered the windows surrounding the front door with glass wallpaper. If you are not familiar with this amazing product, click here. While I love the look they give to the entrance, I found that the corners keep pealing off. Maybe I did not apply them correctly, or [...]
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