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Creative Art-part 3

Welcome back! Now that you have decided on what to frame , and how you are going to draw attention to it , you are now ready to produce your own creative art. During my visit to Jordan last summer, I had a chance to be creative with an old collection of wall art in my parents’ home. I [...]
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The Secret Behind Successful Rug Placement-Part 2

Salam everyone! I am glad you’re back! This means that you were not confused by part 1 of the secret behind successful rug placement, and you would like to learn more. So, here we go. To recap: “Positive space is space that is filled with color, texture, form, or mass. This could be walls, furnishings, art, area [...]
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How To Visually Modify Room Appearance With Pattern

Hey everyone, I don’t know about you but I am developing a fascination with patterns! Who wouldn’t after seeing all those amazing Islamic mosaics I blogged about in the exciting art of islamic mosaics? Today, I am just going to give you some tips on how you can use pattern to alter room dimensions. A Pattern [...]
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