The Secret Behind Successful Rug Placement-Part 2

Salam everyone!

I am glad you’re back! This means that you were not confused by part 1 of the secret behind successful rug placement, and you would like to learn more. So, here we go.

To recap: “Positive space is space that is filled with color, texture, form, or mass. This could be walls, furnishings, art, area rugs, or even graphics or scenes painted on walls. Negative space is the empty space surrounding the positive space-the windows between walls, the floor around the area rug, the wall around and between works of art, the space between furniture pieces, or even the cubic footage.” {source-Interiors: an introduction/Karla J. Nielson, DavidA. Taylor. 4th edition}

Positive and negative spaces are intertwined and enhance one another. Designers understand this relationship and are trained to “see” both spaces and manipulate objects in rooms to create successful designs. {i.e visually balanced rooms}

That visual balance is achieved in accordance with the designer’s design concept {goal of the design}. For example, a designer would probably not choose to use a large area rug if their design concept is about creating a space that feels spacious. They would probably use one that looks something like this…..

Or this….

As you can see, both rooms are visually balanced even though the negative space (floor) is larger than the positive space (area rug). By exposing more of the floor area, the designer was able to make these rooms seem larger.

However, a designer would probably choose to use a large area rug to add color and pattern to a neutral color scheme…

Or maybe to create a cozy sitting arrangement in a large room….Contemporary Dining Room design by Kansas City Interior Designer Lowery Design Group

Or maybe just for warmth

Again, these rooms are visually balanced even though the positive space (area rug) is larger than the negative space (floor).

I know this must be confusing so you will be happy to learn that there are really no rules to laying area rugs!!! Woo hoooooo!!!

Janelle Beals points out 11 Area Rug Rules and how to break them. You will love this!

So, go ahead, lay your area rug any way you find pleasing. Just keep in mind that visual balance between positive and negative space. The success of your rug placement depends on it!

Good luck!

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