Today’s Inspiration: Blue and Green Color Scheme

Hello and welcome back my friends

I feel odd! Everyone else is currently decorating their home for Fall, and I am looking into decorating my home for spring!!! Its not only because Spring is my favorite season, but because I feel that I have been living with Fall colors for too long. I am getting bored of them!

Unfortunately, it would not make sense to change my color scheme now! For example, my family room is red with a splash of green and yellow. Thus, it is warm , inviting and perfect for Fall.

All I can do today is plan a new color scheme for spring {which hopefully will be here sooner than later.} I really can’t wait!

Since my family room is open to the kitchen{ green with yellow undertone}, I want to keep the green and replace the red with blue.  Green and blue rooms feel cool, soothing, fresh, welcoming {and springy.} Take a look at these examples…..

Better Homes and Gardens

House and Home

Pier 1 imports 

The Kitchen Designer

Aaaahhh! Nice and cool! I believe this would take my family room from feeling warm and cozy to cool and fresh. You see now why I need to postpone this change till spring!

But, I would still like to add a punch of energy into my family room, so I would add orange to that color palette.

How is that going to look?

With the help of my good friend, Olioboard, I created a mood board of a room with a blue, green and orange color scheme.
Color scheme 1

How about that? Don’t you just love this color scheme?!

I would love to hear your thoughts? If you think of a different color scheme, please let me know. I am willing to create a room design with your suggestion in olioboard.


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