Traditional Arabic Style Seating

Luxury floor seating I am sure many of you are familiar with this type of seating-The bedouin style seating. Bedouins  are nomadic people who wander the desert searching for water, and sustenance. Since they are constantly on the move, their homes accommodate their lifestyle.

Many traditional Bedouin live in tents of goat and camel-hair panels that the women have woven on their narrow ground looms and stitched together. The tents are usually divided into two rooms, one for greeting guests and such, and one specifically for the women. []

As for furniture, the bedouins used rugs and cushions for seating, and sleeping. They are easy to roll up and carry on a camel when they need to move again. As many of the bedouins became villagers, they used mattresses scattered around the perimeter of the room for seating. It is simple, inviting, and comfortable.  As a matter of fact, traditional Arabic style seating can still be seen today in the Arabian gulf, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen to name a few.

Traditional Arabic style sofas can be placed directly on the floor, or raised on a frame.

Take a look at these seating arrangement ideas that are inspired by the bedouin style floor seating

One and only Royal Mirage

El Ramlah Hamra

I would not mind having a traditional Arabic style seating (*affiliated link) arrangement in my home. It is comfortable and inviting. What do you think?

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