Turn Framed Art Into A Decorative Mirror

A while back I revealed my updated mudroom. You see that decorative mirror over the washer and dryer? Today I will show you how I turned a cheap framed art into a simple decorative mirror.

I bought this framed art during my trip to the antique mall in down town Ellicott city last year.

I did not find a mirror that would fit the frame, and I did not want to deal with cutting one. So, I had an idea to create a 2 panel decorative mirror instead. I went to Michael’s and bought 2 square craft mirrors that fit the size of the frame.  I also bought 2 picture mats, decorative paper, and Mod Podge.

I used the Mod Podge to glue the decorative paper onto the picture mats.

Then, I carefully cut out the center.

I placed a mat over each mirror, then positioned them side by side inside the frame.

The Final look…..

That’s it! Pretty and simple decorative mirror for the mudroom. If you like to learn how I created that calligraphy on the wall, click here.  And if you like to learn Why I created that calligraphy, click here.

What have you created lately?

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