Who Says A China Cabinet Should Display China?

There is a common belief that a china cabinet should be used to store special china. Well….okay… it can. But it really does not have to!! We don’t own any fine china {what does that say about me?}, but we own a china cabinet.

We bought our China cabinet 10 years ago because I thought it was a must in any dining room.  My need and design taste has changed since then. I would rather have a sideboard today because I could use that extra surface while serving dinner for company.

Nevertheless, I do love our china cabinet! The bottom cabinets, and drawers provide much-needed hidden storage space. The glass doors on the top part enclose a mirrored back, glass shelving, and accent lighting.  A perfect space to show off my style and bring character to our dinning room.

To create an inspiring display, I followed these tips for arranging tabletop accessories to style the china cabinet as an open bookshelf. I mixed fine crystals with framed art, and accessories that reflect my personality. Take a look…..

I am proud of our china cabinet display. I especially love the Islamic decal on the back mirror that instantly reflects my Islamic style of decorating.

So, who says a china cabinet should display china? Not me!

How about you? Do you have a china cabinet? What do you store in it?

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