A Collage of Islamic Patterns-Then and Now

Salam everyone! If you have been following my blog, then you would know about my fascination with Islamic patterns, especially the Islamic star pattern [see how I stenciled it on my end table  here ]. For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to see how ancient Islamic patterns are reinterpreted into modern home decor.

Let us begin with that gorgeous Islamic star pattern….


Al-Maridani Mosque, Egypt

Islamic pattern 4Dering Hall

image-1.php Tomb of Itimud ad-Daula, India

Islamic pattern 3Nada Debs-Pomegranate 

Islamic pattern

Al-Hakim Mosque, Iran

Islamic pattern 8Houzz

Islamic patternImam Mosque, Iran

Geometric-stencil-alexa_2Cutting edge Stencils

Islamic pattern

Sefferine Medersa,Morocco

Islamic pattern 5Fired Earth

Islamic patternAlhambra, Spain

Jonathan adlerJonathan Adler

…and back to my most favorite Islamic pattern…

Islamic pattern Alhambra, Spain 

Islamic pattern 7 Decoist

So, what is your favorite Islamic pattern of them all?

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