Arabesque…Is That Even An English Word?

As I mentioned in my exploring islamic interior design post, muslim artists excelled in two unique forms of abstract art; Calligraphy and mosaic art. Islamic mosaics feature geometric and arabesque patterns interlaced to form astonishing designs. Today, I will introduce you to that third and final unique form of Islamic art that is ……the art of Arabesque.

Arabesque is a French word [maybe that’s why it sounds musical} that means “Arab Like” . It is defined as “an elaborate design of intertwined floral figures or complex geometric patterns“. Click on the link for an in depth look at the origin of Arabesque.

Ummayad mosque-Damascus

Sheik Lutfallah Mosque-Isfahan, Iran

Below is an example of all three forms of Islamic art adorning a Mihrab; Calligraphy, Geometric and Arabesque Mosaics. When I look at pictures like this, I am amazed at how ancient muslims mastered the  concept of mixing patterns and colors to create breath-taking designs. Wow!!

Umayyad Mosque-Damascus

Arabesque is an exquisite pattern that is is admired and encorporated in today’s designs. Here are some examples of how it is used to decorate objects and surfaces.

Autumn press


Gali Art

And here I am {back in the old days} in the lobby of our hotel in Turkey, mesmerized by this gorgeous fountain adorned with arabesque pattern.

And that marks the end of our exploration of Islamic art. I hope I was able to give you a glimpse into this unique form of art and how it is used in today’s interior design.

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