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Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2012

Salam everyone, I am popping in today, the last day in 2012, to share my 5 most popular posts of the year. Recapping the posts that you enjoyed reading the most helps me focus on the direction that I should take my blog to. In April, I decided to introduce you to the influence behind [...]
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Arabesque…Is That Even An English Word?

As I mentioned in my exploring islamic interior design post, muslim artists excelled in two unique forms of abstract art; Calligraphy and mosaic art. Islamic mosaics feature geometric and arabesque patterns interlaced to form astonishing designs. Today, I will introduce you to that third and final unique form of Islamic art that is ……the art of Arabesque. Arabesque [...]
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The Exciting Art Of Islamic Mosaics

If you love the modern style of decorating because of its use of geometric shapes then you will love this post. In my introductory post about Islamic design I mentioned that there are two notable forms of Islamic art; Calligraphy and the art of mosaics. Today I will share with you some examples of [...]
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