Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2012

Salam everyone, I am popping in today, the last day in 2012, to share my 5 most popular posts of the year. Recapping the posts that you enjoyed reading the most helps me focus on the direction that I should take my blog to.

In April, I decided to introduce you to the influence behind my own decorating style; my Islamic religion and Arabic culture { A new Focus of Home Synchronize}.  Since then, I have written a number of posts about Islamic art and how it can be incorporated into today’s interior design. I have also shared my trials of applying Islamic art into my own home decor { Fun with Stencils, Simple framed art with vinyl decals, hurricane candle holders etched with Islamic Calligraphy, My Own Thanksgiving centerpiece creation, End table with an exotic flare}. This will continue into 2013 inshallah, so stay close.

Here are the top 5 most popular posts of 2012….

Exploring Islamic Interior design

Modern Arabic Style Design Ideas

 The Exciting Art of Islamic Mosaics 

Walk-in Closet Design Ideas

Islamic Pattern Inspirations for Your Home

And……The top 5 most popular Home Projects of 2012

My Front Door Side Windows Etched With Islamic Pattern

Hurricane Candle Holders Etched With Islamic Calligraphy

Pantry Transformation-Allover Stencil Design

End table with an exotic flare

 One Creative Collection Of Toss Pillows

 Based on the statistics regarding my blog, you have shown me that my decision to shift the focus to Arabic/Islamic interior design is the right direction for Home Synchronize.

Thank you

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