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Image Credit: Jacques Pépion/ANM

Many people across the world consider Arabs as show offs in the way they display their social status. As an Arab I can understand why this would be the case. If you visit my home country of Jordan you will often hear a new kind of language referred to as Arabizi; a mix of English and Arabic that is often used by some western educated Arabs to show off their status. Its sad to hear it! But you would need to live in the Arab world to realize that showing off is part of the culture and is socially accepted. (To read the full article about Jordanian elite show offs with Arabizi, click on the link)

The display of social status differ from one part of the Arab world to the other. Since this is a complicated subject, I am only going to focus on the tendency to show off through interior design. I will share examples from the Arabian gulf region where one of the ways to display social status is by decorating with gold. {Read my series Color Psychology to learn how to decorate with colors}

Humans almost intuitively place a high value on gold, equating it with power, beauty, and the cultural elite. And since gold is widely distributed all over the globe, we find this same thinking about gold throughout ancient and modern civilizations everywhere.”

Source: The History of Gold 

It is a known fact that Gold symbolizes wealth, power, success, and luxury. Thus making it the ideal choice for showing off ones status. Take a look at how gold is used in the following examples to reflect just that….

Luxury of gold and purple

Gold dinning

Burj al ArabBurj Al Arab

gold dinning 2Image Credit: Jacques Pépion/ANM

Subtle decoration with goldSAM A RAFEY INTERIOR ARCHITECT

Maybe “showing off” is not the best choice of words as it carries negative connotations. So why would anyone consider decorating with gold if not for showing off?

According to the color psychology of Gold

(It is) optimistic and positive. Gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated. It illuminates and enhances other things around it

The use of gold in the Arab culture can also reflect good hospitality. You are as valuable as gold! Thats how I like to think of it.

So the next time you visit Burj Al Arab and you stay in one of those lavish gold decorated rooms, remember that the Arabs are not (only) trying to show off their wealth but they are also extending their generous hospitality to you. What better way to feel welcomed than to experience Arabian luxury living!





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