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This Is The Original Islamic Calligraphy Style

I recently shared an article where we took a closer look at Arabic calligraphy and how it evolved through the Islamic dynasties. Today I will explore the original Islamic calligraphy style from which all the calligraphy styles evolved. Can you guess which one it was? Here are some hints: It was named after a city in Iraq. The [...]
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Decorating A Muslim Home: 8 Things You Must Know

Ever since I launched my business for Arabic calligraphy stencils & Middle Eastern home decor, I can’t find the time to practice my hobby (decorating) like I used to. So when I receive emails from readers asking for quick decorating solutions, I get very excited! One of the emails I received was unlike all the others. This [...]
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Arabian Luxury Living

Image Credit: Jacques Pépion/ANM Many people across the world consider Arabs as show offs in the way they display their social status. As an Arab I can understand why this would be the case. If you visit my home country of Jordan you will often hear a new kind of language referred to as Arabizi; a mix [...]
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Design Inspiration-Arabic Calligraffiti of eL Seed

I am familiar with Calligraphy. I am familiar with Graffiti. But I was not familiar with Calligraffiti, until it was brought up to my attention recently by one of my Etsy shop customers. I have seen the art before, but did not recognize it as calligraffiti. So, what is calligraffiti?  Basically, it is…  Traditional handwriting with [...]
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Vinyl Stencils & Decals Application Tips

Salam my friends. How are you? I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Our weekend was busy as usual. The kids went fishing with their dad on Saturday, which was fun except for the part of waking up at 3: 30 am to get ready. They came home exhausted but proud of their catch. They brought [...]
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