Color Psychology-Decorating With Blue

Back to my weekly (2 weeks late) series about decorating with color. You might be interested in my previous posts, Decorating with Black, Decorating with Green, and Decorating with Violet. Today I will be chatting about decorating with blue.

Blue is a primary color that is described as a cool color due to its calming effect on us.

Color psychology of Blue:

  • Slows metabolism, lowers blood pressure and body temperature. Therefore, it is described as tranquil, relaxing, and restful.
  • Known as the color of the intellect because it helps in concentration and communication.
  • Suppresses the appetite.
  • Evokes feelings of safety, authority, and trust.
  • Too much blue can be depressing. Hence the term: feeling “blue”
So, how can we create harmonious color schemes with blue?
Let us examine the color wheel…..

Monochromatic Color Scheme
Try using tints, shades and tones of blue  to create an interesting color scheme.
Analogous Color Scheme
Blue & Blue-Violet & violet OR Blue &Blue-Green & Green OR Blue & Green & Yellow OR Blue & Violet & Red
Complementary Color Scheme
Blue & Orange OR Blue-Violet & Yellow-Orange OR Blue-Green & Red-Orange
Split Complementary Color Scheme
Blue & Red-Orange & Yellow-Orange OR Blue-Violet & Orange & Yellow OR Blue-Green & Red & Orange OR Red & Blue-Green & Yellow Green
Triadic Color Scheme
Blue & Yellow & Red OR Blue-Green & Yellow- Orange & Red-Violet OR Blue-Violet &Red-Orange &Yellow-Green
The color blue is very popular, especially with men. With that in mind, how would you decorate your home with Blue? Based on the color psychology of Blue, which rooms would you apply it to? Please share your thoughts.
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