Color Psychology: Decorating With Green

This is the second post in the weekly series Decorating with color. Last week I highlighted the psychological effects of Decorating with black. Today I will be talking about decorating with the color green.

Green is the color of nature and thus induces tranquility. Look at this…

The Nature Conservancy

Doesn’t this just give you a sense of peace! {Subhana Allah-Praise be to God}

Green is a secondary color that results from the mixing of blue and yellow. Thus, its psychological influence on us also reflects the positive traits of both of these colors. It is warmer than blue and cooler than yellow, which makes it perfect as a backdrop for any decorating project.

 Psychology of the color green

–       Reduce anxiety and relieve stress

–       Relaxing and soothing

–       Improve concentration

–       Induces positive attitudes

If you are interested in an in depth analysis of the color green; its meaning and effect on us please visit empower yourself with color psychology.

1. House Beautiful , 2&3 Luxe, 4. Elle Decor

Does this inspire you to decorate with green? Yes! Then let us see how we can create successful color schemes with Green….

But first, I need my handy dandy………Color Wheel

Color Wheel


By examining the color wheel, we can derive the following color schemes with Green

Note: I will be referring to the hue {i.e. Green, Yellow, blue-green, etc.} in the examples below, but you can use any shade {1-9} from that color family in your color scheme. 

 Monochromatic– Mixing different shades (1-9)  in only the green color family



Green & Blue OR Green & Blue & Violet OR Green & Yellow

1&2 Houzz, 3.


Yellow-Green & Red-Violet OR Blue-Green & Red-Orange OR Red & Green (Coral and emerald green in photo #2)

1. Decor4all, 2. Rol.v 

Split Complementary
Green & Red-Orange & Red-Violet  (Below) OR Yellow-Green & Violet & Red OR
Blue-Green & Red & Orange



Yellow-green & Red-Orange & Blue Violet OR Green & Violet & Orange OR Blue-Green & Red-Violet & Yellow-Orange

House Beautiful


(Below) Yellow-Green & Blue & Orange & Red-Violet OR Yellow-Orange & Red-Orange &Blue-Violet & Blue-Green

Better Homes and Gardens

See, I told you Green is versatile!

I hope this makes it easier for you to decorate your home with green.

Now its your turn, how does green make you feel? How do you decorate your home with green? What color schemes do you have in your home that involve green? I would be happy to hear your thoughts, please share in the comments below.

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