Color Psychology: Decorating With Orange

Welcome back to Decorating with Color weekly series. If you are new here, you will enjoy my previous posts in this series where I have covered decorating with black, green, violet, and blue. Today, I will be sharing ideas to decorate your home with Orange.

 Orange is a secondary color that results from the mixing of red and yellow. It is a warm color that adds energy to any space.

Color Psychology Of Orange

Energetic, Exciting, Optimistic, Happy, Fun {need I  say more? you get the point}

Warm and inviting

Attracts attention

Encourages conversation

Stimulates the appetite

So, how many harmonious color schemes can we create with orange?

Who do we ask for help when we need to create color schemes? The color wheeeellllll. Its the color wheel, the color wheel, color wheel, its the color wheeeeel!!! { Yes, I am watching too many shows of Dora the Explorer!}

By examining the color wheel, we can derive the following color schemes with Orange. Please note that following the 60-30-10 rule will help you create a balanced color scheme.

 Monochromatic Color Scheme

Analogous Color Scheme

Orange & Yellow OR Orange & Red OR Red-Orange & Red  & Red-Violet OR Yellow-Orange & Yellow & Yellow-Green

Better Homes and Gardens

Interior Fans

Complementary Color Scheme

Orange & Blue OR Red-orange & Blue-Green OR Yellow-Orange & Blue-Violet

Tobi Fairley 

Better Homes and Gardens

Split Complementary Color Scheme

Orange & Blue-Violet & Blue-Green OR Orange & Yellow & Blue-Violet OR Yellow- Orange & Violet & Blue OR Red-Orange & Blue & Green OR Red & Orange & Blue-Green

Burnham Design

Style At Home -Jonathan Adler Bedroom

Triadic Color Scheme

Orange & Green & Violet OR Red-Orange & Yellow-green & Blue-Violet OR Yellow-Orange & Blue-Green & Red-Violet

Tetrad Color Scheme

Orange & Yellow& Blue & Violet OR Red-Orange & Red-Violet & Yellow-Green & Blue-Green

Better Homes and Gardens

How do you feel after seeing these rooms? Happy, right?  Me too!

Would you decorate your home with Orange? Which rooms would you apply it to? Would you use it as a dominant color or in accessories ? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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