Color Psychology: Decorating With Violet

This is the third post in the weekly series; Decorating with color. I previously discussed  Decorating with Black, and decorating with Green. Today we will be decorating with a color that I fell in love with after the birth of my daughter.

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Can you tell the difference between violet and purple? I have a hard time with that! Scientifically speaking, Violet is a spectral color {you can see it in the rainbow} while Purple is a secondary color that can be made by mixing red and blue. However, the similarities between purple and violet led designers and artists to use them interchangeably.

Psychology of the color Violet {purple}

  • Soothing especially in lighter shades
  • Convey confidence
  • Inspire creativity
  • Encourage Empathy
  • Reflects wealth and sophistication

For an interesting in-depth analysis of the color violet, I encourage you to read empower yourself with color psychology.

So, how can we create harmonious color schemes with Violet?

We need our handy dandy……Color Wheel


By examining the color wheel, we can derive the following color schemes with violet. Please note that following the 60-30-10 rule will help you create a balanced color scheme.

Monochromatic– Use tints, shades and tones of violet to create an interesting color scheme.

Inside-outside Designs


Violet & yellow OR Red-Violet & Yellow-Green OR Blue-Violet & Yellow-Orange

Analogous– (Choose  two or three hues in a scheme)

Violet &Red-Violet & Red OR Violet & Red & Orange OR Violet &Blue-Violet &Blue OR Violet &Blue &Green


Better Homes and Gardens

Split Complementary

Violet & yellow-Orange &Yellow-Green OR Violet & Orange & Green OR Red-Violet &Yellow &Green OR Blue-Violet & Orange & Yellow OR Yellow-Green & Red & Violet



Green &Violet & Orange OR Red-Violet &Yellow-Orange & Blue-Green OR Blue-Violet &Red-Orange & Yellow-Green

Better Homes and Gardens


Violet & Red & Yellow & Green OR Violet & Yellow & Blue-Green & Red-Orange

Better Homes and Gardens

 Some people {especially from my neck of the woods} would tell you that Purple is a girly color! I was guilty of that before I discovered its elegance and drama. What do you think of violet? Would you decorate your home with purple? Would you use it as a dominant color or just in accessories? Do you think it is a “girly” color? Please share your thoughts in the comments below

P.S. Friday Oct. 26, will be the first day of Eid Al Adha. Happy Eid!!! May Allah accept all our good deeds and forgive our sins. May he give us good health and grant us the pleasure of Hajj next year. Ameen

I am giving myself a week off from blogging to celebrate with the  family. I will be back on election day Monday {God Willing}.

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