Hurricane Candle Holders Etched With Islamic Calligraphy

I have taken my fascination with stencils to the next level. Yep! I went and bought myself a Cameo Silhouette. This is basically a stencil creator. Well, it can be used for other things but for now I will be using it to make stencils………Specifically, Islamic pattern, and calligraphy stencils.

Here is my first project….

I have a pair of hurricane candle holders that are missing some excitement. {Sorry, forgot to take a “before” picture!} I was too excited to get started.

So, I decided to give them a boost with Islamic calligraphy. I chose a Dua’ {supplication} used by muslims when they see something they like and want to protect it from envy. {In the name of Allah, Whatever Allah wishes, There is no strength except through Allah}


Here is how I did it…..

  • Using the Sillouette, I traced the calligraphy and cut it onto vinyl. 
  • I weeded the letters to create a stencil 
  • Transferred the stencil onto transfer paper.  I used a credit card to eliminate bubbles.
  • Attached the vinyl stencil onto the glass 
  • Removed the transfer paper to expose the stencil
  • I  then mixed Martha Stewart Frosted etching medium with FolkArt acrylic paint in Yellow Ochre to give my design a color. 
  • I dabbed the paint using a stencil brush then waited 15 minutes for it to dry. 
  • Carefully peeled off the vinyl 
  • All Done!! 

I have worked with stencils before (Fun with Stencils, Pantry transformation, Stencil design art),  I have also created my own stencil to etch the side windows of my front door. Btw, that project would have been much easier if I had my silhouette back then!

While it was not hard to do this project, it was certainly time consuming. Mainly because this was my first experience with the silhouette, using vinyl as a stencil, and painting on a medium other than a wall!

Take a look at the number of trials I went through…….

I am glad I did not give up after so many trials! I am so proud of how my candle hurricanes turned out.

Have a nice weekend!

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