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A Stencil Story: A New Blog Series

I was asked by a customer about the story behind the Islamic art that he purchased from me. He said that the true value of art is in the story of its creation. True. I will also add that the meaning of the Islamic words in the artwork as well as their representation through the ancient art [...]
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Islamic Pattern Stenciled End Table {A DIY Video Tutorial}

I received this end table as a housewarming gift only a couple of years ago but you would not have guessed it by looking at it. It had scratches, dents and heat marks. I tried using wood finish stain markers to cover up the scratches but that did not work! I even tried ironing the table [...]
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Grand Opening Of My Etsy Shop

Alhamdulilah! I am happy, proud, excited, thrilled, delighted…..well you get the idea….to announce the grand opening of my etsy shop . When I started blogging almost 2 years ago, it was to share with the world my love for interior decorating. I wanted to show that interior decorating is fun and that anyone can create [...]
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Stenciled Canvas Art-Islamic Theme

Salam my friends! How are you? I hope you had a good weekend. On Sunday, I was invited to a sisters tea party at our local Masjid . We have a new building now so I thought it would be nice to decorate it with Islamic Art. I chose a Dua’ (prayer) that one should [...]
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Hurricane Candle Holders Etched With Islamic Calligraphy

I have taken my fascination with stencils to the next level. Yep! I went and bought myself a Cameo Silhouette. This is basically a stencil creator. Well, it can be used for other things but for now I will be using it to make stencils………Specifically, Islamic pattern, and calligraphy stencils. Here is my first project…. [...]
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