Stenciled Canvas Art-Islamic Theme

Salam my friends! How are you? I hope you had a good weekend.

On Sunday, I was invited to a sisters tea party at our local Masjid . We have a new building now so I thought it would be nice to decorate it with Islamic Art. I chose a Dua’ (prayer) that one should say upon entering the Masjid , as a reminder for everyone visiting.

 You can create your own Islamic stenciled canvas art (or any canvas art) with these easy steps.


2 (8 x 10) white artist’s stretched canvas.

 Folk art Acrylic paint (I used black, yellow, white)

Foam Brush, Stencil brushes

Islamic Stencils. (Contact me if you are interested )

Gems stickers Jolee’s Boutique dimensional stickers


1. Paint the canvas an even layer of black color using a foam brush. (You can choose any color for your background).

2. Prepare your stencils. I created my own vinyl stencil of an Islamic prayer (Dua’)- one in Arabic  and another in English.  {Allahumma Iftah Lee Abwaba Rahmatek-means: Oh Allah, open the doors of blessings for me. A Dua’ that is said upon entering any masjid}.  I also printed a flower stencil onto vinyl.

4. Once the canvas is dry, remove the paper backing from the flower stencil. Position it onto the canvas, then remove the plastic backing to expose the stencil.

5. Arrange the Dua’ word stencils onto the canvas (Follow the same steps in #4). Once you remove the plastic backing and expose the stencil, you will not be able to reposition it.

5. After you decide on the placement, remove the plastic backing and color your stencils. Dip the stencil brush into yellow paint, then dab it over the flower stencil.

6.  Use a different stencil brush to paint the words in white.

6. This last step is optional-I used gems stickers to embellish my art.

Final Look…

How did my stenciled canvas art look in the Masjid, you ask? Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the tea party!! My high schooler needed my help finishing up a presentation board that is due today. I could not fail him!

These canvas art are my gift to the Masjid and Inshallah I will get to hang them up there soon.

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