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Design Inspiration-Arabic Calligraffiti of eL Seed

I am familiar with Calligraphy. I am familiar with Graffiti. But I was not familiar with Calligraffiti, until it was brought up to my attention recently by one of my Etsy shop customers. I have seen the art before, but did not recognize it as calligraffiti. So, what is calligraffiti?  Basically, it is…  Traditional handwriting with [...]
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DIY Stenciled Mug & Saucer with Arabic Alphabets

Salam my friends! How are you? Life is back to its normal routine here in the Nayfeh household now that summer break is over, and school is back in session.  We did not travel to Jordan this year, but we managed to take 2 car trips during this summer. For the fourth of July, we [...]
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