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My Front Door Side Windows Etched With Islamic Pattern

When we moved into our current home, I covered the windows surrounding the front door with glass wallpaper. If you are not familiar with this amazing product, click here. While I love the look they give to the entrance, I found that the corners keep pealing off. Maybe I did not apply them correctly, or [...]
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Pantry Transformation-Allover Wall Stencil

Ever since I learned about stencils, I wanted to try them in my home. I gave them a try in Stencil Design Art  and enjoyed the process and the effect they gave. So, this past weekend I decided to take my stenciling skill a step higher and stencil the pantry. As a designer, I tend [...]
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Mudroom Makeover- A New Bench

The work on the mudroom makeover continues with the installation of a new bench. It was all done in five easy time consuming steps. Step one: Out with the useless desk It was not too difficult to remove the old desk, especially that I was not the one who did it. Lol! Seriously, according to my husband, that [...]
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How to update interiors with colored wall paint

Welcome back my friends! I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas enjoyed a great day with your family and friends. I enjoyed having my family around to babysit while I worked in the mudroom. One of my design goals for the mudroom makeover was to create a cheerful and inviting back entry into the house. [...]
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Mudroom Makeover-The Design Plan

Once upon a time…..Last week Me: I have an idea! My Husband: Oh Oh!  (His usual response to my ideas) Me: I want to re-design the mudroom. My Husband: (Cautiously)…OK! Me: I want to remove the desk, add a bench, change the utility sink,  paint and I would love to add a glass tile backsplash! [...]
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