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Are you ready to DIY?

Hello and welcome to DIY Friday.  In my search for vintage wall art for the mudroom, I came across this one from Bed Bath and Beyond. The words are inspiring but the price tag is not. I just don’t feel right paying  $99 for something that looks so simple. I am sorry, but that’s me! [...]
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Interesting Artwork Ideas

Welcome back to DIY Friday, where I highlight two do-it-yourself projects from around the blog world.  I am a little apprehensive when it comes to DIY projects as I have always thought of them as complicated and hard to do. That is why I have been selecting simple projects that would inspire me (and hopefully [...]
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Really Simple DIY Projects

Welcome back to DIY Friday! I get so excited when I come across simple, elegant and unique projects that I can finish in an hour.  I am assuming you do too! Here are my two choices for easy DIY projects that you can create over this holiday season. Need an instant piece of art? Why [...]
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Amazing DIY projects!

Welcome to DIY Friday! In keeping with my theme for this week, I decided to share with you two interesting DIY projects that involve stencils. My first choice comes from Jess who used stencils to create her own canvas art. She shows us how simple it can be in her Make Under My Life blog. Doesn’t that look [...]
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Stencil Design Art!

I want to introduce you to the new and amazing craze in home décor, at least “new” in my book, stenciling!! This is a form of decorative painting where you paint a pre-cut image onto a surface. It is a great way to personalize your home and enhance your décor. I have used stencils in [...]
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How did they do that!

Everyday I come across talented bloggers who can recreate an expensive piece of home décor at a fraction of the price. I wish I was as talented (and as handy) as them but they do inspire me to try.  Every Friday, I will share with you my top 2 choices for do-it-yourself projects. I hope [...]
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